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On 19-04 18:44, solo finished web_security:5, good job and happy hacking!
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mission: bypass the lfi filter
Tournament 1: Find The Leak

Your objective in this tournament is to become the person that finishes with the fastest time.

There are three steps:
1- find first bug
2- find the exploit
3- report it's file location and query below, don't include the domain name and folder part.


1- $50 via paypal
2- $25 via paypal
3- $10 via paypal

14 Apr
Dear Guest,

Thank you for your time, we have a job for you to do.

As you know our website got hacked last week. We managed to put our backup back online, however the attacker might still be able to get in. We tried to contact the company that created the website, but they lack the experience to find the security hole.

You're basically our last hope, please try to find the way the attacker came in.

Thanks in advance,
Leilo Burrito

Only users that joined one month before the creation date of this tournament can join

created on: 14-03-2017 13:00
updated on: 18-03-2017 12:02

[ winner: undecided ] [ status: open ] [ slots taken: 2/50 ]

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