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On 19-04 18:44, solo finished web_security:5, good job and happy hacking!
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user: zomgwtfbbq
rank: 1
points: 4360
completed: 79/83
user: JMC
rank: 2
points: 1160
completed: 40/83
user: aldaswanrik
rank: 3
points: 815
completed: 31/83
user: sysadm007
rank: 4
points: 800
completed: 32/83
user: botbie
rank: 5
points: 795
completed: 31/83
user: orpalis
rank: 6
points: 790
completed: 31/83
user: ninjafromhell
rank: 7
points: 770
completed: 28/83
user: yeuchimse
rank: 8
points: 745
completed: 31/83
user: kincses
rank: 9
points: 735
completed: 27/83
user: _o_
rank: 10
points: 630
completed: 26/83
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mission: bypass the lfi filter
Announcement: Hacking Tournaments!
Hacking tournaments?

You might still remember the old site, where I integrated tournaments into the forum. I'm working on bringing these back, but this time there are prizes involved.

The idea is to get admin access to a website as fast as you possibly can.

When will these tournaments be accessible?

I still have to create the tournament website and the software itself, but already made a good start.

What can you win?

1st: $50 paypal transfer
2nd: $25 paypal transfer
3rd: $10 paypal transfer

What are the requirements?

- member for at least a month
- make it to the realistic category

What are the rules?

No cheating and no duplicate accounts.

How many spots are available?

There are 50 slots available.

Do you have questions?

Please ask in the forum.

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