latest successful hack
On 12-10 13:24, redmister finished web_security:5, good job and happy hacking!
best 10 challenge hackers
user: zomgwtfbbq
rank: 1
points: 4360
completed: 79/83
user: JMC
rank: 2
points: 1160
completed: 40/83
user: aldaswanrik
rank: 3
points: 815
completed: 31/83
user: sysadm007
rank: 4
points: 800
completed: 32/83
user: botbie
rank: 5
points: 795
completed: 31/83
user: orpalis
rank: 6
points: 790
completed: 31/83
user: ninjafromhell
rank: 7
points: 770
completed: 28/83
user: yeuchimse
rank: 8
points: 745
completed: 31/83
user: kincses
rank: 9
points: 735
completed: 27/83
user: _o_
rank: 10
points: 630
completed: 26/83
latest 10 hack challenges
mission: bypass the lfi filter
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web security
The easiest challenges category, if you're sure you have a question, then sure, you can post them in here.
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Thinking too much? Let's divide our brainpower in order to find the answer to your problems.
latest post: think:3 by shmoo
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Other challenges...well what can you actually ask about this just need to finish enough challenges to complete them.
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Pulling your hairs out on the social engineering challenge or any other, then let the people here save you from having some expensive hair transplant surgery.
latest post: miscellaneous:1 by kincses
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Note the challenges are tucked away safely, it is YOUR quest to find them. You are prohibited in asking where they are located.
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get the pass
Not getting the password?
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Questions about the decompile category challenges.
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Post questions about any of the realistic challenges in here.
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In case you have difficulties in making the connection with THC, lookup cUrl on your favorite search engine. Please don't post code that may spoil challenges.
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Having problems reaching the GeekUnited site or can't access the first site, feel free to share your stories.
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Ask your question about one of the wardrive challenges.
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general discussion
All stuff that doesn't belong in any other forum.
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challenge bugs
Although I've finished and completed most of the challenges by myself, there still might be issues around that I'm not aware of.
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site bugs
If something doesn't work as it's supposed to, please post it here. Also please specify the browser you used.
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challenge site questions
Questions regarding the challenge site itself, such as comments, critics, suggestions or maybe even compliments can be posted here.
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