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On 19-04 18:44, solo finished web_security:5, good job and happy hacking!
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user: zomgwtfbbq
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points: 4360
completed: 79/83
user: JMC
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points: 1160
completed: 40/83
user: aldaswanrik
rank: 3
points: 815
completed: 31/83
user: sysadm007
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points: 800
completed: 32/83
user: botbie
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points: 795
completed: 31/83
user: orpalis
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points: 790
completed: 31/83
user: ninjafromhell
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completed: 28/83
user: yeuchimse
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points: 745
completed: 31/83
user: kincses
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completed: 27/83
user: _o_
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points: 630
completed: 26/83
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mission: bypass the lfi filter
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We provide a legal virtual penetration testing environment which consists of extremely easy to hair pulling hard (hacking) challenges, the more you succeed in solving puzzles the more categories will be available to be played.

If you notice some resemblance with some other hacking challenge site on the web, then that's no coincidence as this is the new home of the former THC Hack Challenges, the challenges part fully split up from Tools & Design and now has his own domain

ATM we have over 75 challenges divided over 10 categories like: decompile, web security, think, realistic, penetrate, wardriving, programming etc.

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